We all have a clock of time that determines how old we get. Every human cell divides regularly and after around 60-80 divisions they die. 
The telomeres have a significant role in this process. Placed at the end of the DNA they protect the DNA at each division process from damage. Every division process shortens them and when they shorten below the critical length, the cell damage and death is inevitable. That is why the length of our telomeres can be called “our clock of lifetime”!

Today we know that the shortening of the telomeres can be stopped and even reversed. The enzyme telomerase can lengthen our telomeres again and with that rejuvenate our cells and prolong cell life time! Our clock is ticking slower and can even be reversed! 2009 the Nobel Prize was awarded to the scientific team Blackburn, Greider and Szostak for the research of the telomeres in the process of aging and the enzyme telomerase as the protector of our telomeres. Till today more than 12.000 telomere and telomerase studies and publications are known.

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